Sunday, 24 November 2013


It has become "the norm" to find out your baby's gender in utero, however, this is a fun activity that can work for guessing both gender and the baby's birth date.

Baby Gender Guessing Calendar Sample
Here's how:

1. Find a free printable calendar of the month of your due date to download (you may need to have two calendar months combined if your due date falls at the beginning or end of a month). See here:

2. Once downloaded, insert it into a word processor (Word or Pages).

3. Add the following words as a header to the document:

"Pink for a girl. Blue for a boy.
When's the arrival of [insert name]'s bundle of joy?
Pick a date and write your name.
Let's see who will win this guessing game!"

4. Set out with a pink and boy pen and let your friends decide you can also add it as a picture on Facebook and had people "tag" themselves in it.

And, of course, serve with cupcakes!

Gender Guessing Cupcakes